Interested in hiring us for your event?

At MENSPIRE Education we travel around the world offering a range of shows and seminars that will enlighten and empower audiences though our knowledge, passion and commitment to our craft.
Our objective is to build our audience with confidence through transferring our knowledge to make an impact on their career. By doing so this will begin to build a culture through the industry with the excitement to enjoy their learning experience.
We offer a range of power point lectures, video presentations, classic and creative demonstrations that will stimulate the mind of any learner in order to seek inspiration for new ideas and challenges.
We have presented our education for audiences from 20 – 2000+ people around the world in over 20 different countries. Each show/seminar is tailored specifically towards your needs, whether you would like to see something specific or for us to create and develop a brand new theme for an event for anything up to 30 minutes or 7 hours.
You can hire one or more of our world class educators to suit your needs and provide you with motivation that will eliminiate any fears and fill you with hope in this ever challenging industry.

Our Artistic team includes:
Josh Lamonaca
Charlie Gray
Gianni Cardinale

Glenn McGoldrick
Sean Moore