The MENSPIRE Academy is a learning environment designed to unlock students potential through a structured process.

Our courses cover a variety of modern techniques that is currently applied to the fast-growing men’s hairdressing market. You will observe the technical approach the educators take to achieve on trend hairstyles in both classic and creative.

Our courses include live demonstrations practical sessions diagram training theory and philosophy written exams and lectures.

Our education team provides in-depth knowledge to motivate and inspire those of all ages and levels of experience. With our small teacher to student ratio it enables you to gain the most from our courses to help build confidence increased technical ability and develop that creative excellence.

It is our passion at MENSPIRE to deliver not only the most innovative techniques but also to teach trend fashion lifestyle and communication through our commitment to see one’s personal and professional Progression.

MENSPIRE education presents the revolutionary transition between precision barbering and contemporary hairdressing. A fusion of technical skill and creativity to bridge the gap.

We are a movement of creative consciousness that is undeniably the fastest growing market in the industry that is men’s hairdressing.


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MALESTHETICS is the name of a brand new curriculum built by the philosophy of MENSPIRE education.

What we’ve learned over the past 4 years of delivering education to our students has given us enough information to really comprehend what works successfully and what doesn’t. Based from our one week development course that has infamously seen hundreds of students worldwide come to our academy. Furthermore this course has been taken to Europe and as far as America, we have studied the results of our own students in order to further develop our education into a greater standard whereby we have created a brand new curriculum.

This curriculum has been built upon a criteria of a trilogy of courses. Education, like a journey that never ends has equally inspired us to form a journey through this curriculum.

Once complete, learners can then partake in the FOUNDATIONS OF FADING 3 day course. This course is going to carry all of the technical knowledge from the CORE SHAPES whilst enduring the deep and intricate knowledge of fading. The course the has the most questions of which receives simultaneous answers as the focus is primarily based upon WHY, WHEN and HOW.

Having complete the final examination in the previous course, learners are encouraged to take the final step onto the DISCOVERY OF DISCONNECTION 2 day course. This is the final hurdle in the journey whereby learners will have built confidence throughout the foundations and principles of cutting before learning the complete dynamics of the ever so relevant in men’s hairdressing.. disconnection.

After completing the journey any learner will have developed a strong foundation with a deep knowledge that will enable them to discover how to think, not what to think.

Starting with the CORE SHAPES 4 day course sets the perfect foundation and structure that will allows learners to gain back control of their cutting experience. Highly focused on the principles of mens haircutting via a range of exercises from digital learning, visual learning and practical learning. Each course is controlled through the remembrance of installing the knowledge by completing a final examination.