6 Months Masters Development Program – Jan 7th 2018 Start


This program consist of training in our official MENSPIRE academy once per month for a period of 6 months. The benefit and wisdom behind this approach is that it allows the learner to process the information from the day and project it into the month ahead before returning to the academy to further enhance the next following set of skills. The students will go through a serious of written exams, advice and consultation, diagram training, practical and theory session following the guidance of our MENSPIRE educators in order to master themselves and hone their skills.

Course Instructors
Josh Lamanoca
Glenn McGoldrick
Charlie Gray
Jonelle Mensah
Gianni Cardinale

Course Dates: 7th January 2018 – 3rd June 2018

6 Spaces Available


Session 1 – MENSPIRE Fundamentals

This is our most favoured course that entails demonstrations, consultation and step by step guided instructed practical session. All encompassing this first day will give the learner an insight to the fundamental teachings at MENSPIRE to help build confidence all round.

Session 2

This lesson we will see learners going through the 3 fundamental layering patterns in men’s hairdressing followed by diagram training on provided head sheets to encourage a visual and technical understanding.

Session 3

Fundamentals Of Graduation

Students will be learning how to approach graduation through the use of scissors an building new shapes. Students will grasp the understanding of graduation lines and building up weight to display strength combined with scissor over comb.

Session 4

The second lesson will begin to focus on graduation using clippers, fading from skin and the set fundamental guidelines used to achieve the desired result.

Session 5

This lesson will be a recap over the previous days, tailored to the individuals weaknesses to help finalise and build that solid foundation.

Session 6

The social media experiment is a fun and enjoyable experience whereby students get to experience a day working with the artistic team to find idea sourcing inspiration using a mood board before being creative on camera and showcasing a short film or imagery for social media adverts.

Please see our brochure for the full course schedule.

Additional information

Course Date

January 7th 2018
February 4th 2018
March 4th 2018
April 1st 2018
May 6th 2018
June 3rd 2018


January 7th 2018
February 4th 2018
March 4th 2018
April 1st 2018
May 6th 2018
June 3rd 2018

You are required to bring your own equipment*

MODELS and mannequins are provided*