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An energetic system of educating and inspiring barbers and hairdressers alike

MENSPIRE Education provides short courses for those with a strong interest and passion for Men’s hair who want to learn the solid foundations of barbering to develop their skills and enhance their career in Male Grooming

Our education team provides in-depth knowledge to motivate and inspire those of all levels of experience. With our small teacher to student ratio it enables you to gain the most from our courses to help build confidence, increase technical ability and develop your creative excellence.

It is our passion at MENSPIRE to deliver not only the most innovative techniques but also to teach trend, fashion, lifestyle and communication through our commitment to see ones personal and professional progression.

MENSPIRE Education provides the perfect platform for any individual wanting to discover the fundamental dynamics of men’s hair. Our training spectrum here at MENSPIRE delivers classic barbering techniques combined with the most advanced, innovative and creative techniques of men’s hairdressing.


1 Week Academic Development Program

This one week course will cover a variety of modern techniques that is currently applied to the fast growing mens hairdressing market. You will get to see the technical approach the educators take to achieve on trend hairstyles we see in the salon and creatively.

The course will include live demonstrations, practical sessions, diagram training, theory and philosophy,written exams and more. At MENSPIRE we truly believe that Education is paramount and is the key to unlock the visual mind of the artist in which we are.

6 Months Masters Development Program

The course that we are due to run, and that we highly recommend, will be suitable for someone with experience and who would like to cover all aspects of men’s hairdressing, would be the 6 month interval training program. This program consists of training in our official MENSPIRE academy once per month for a period of 6 months.

Fundamentals 1 Day Course

The fundamentals course will give the learner a insight into building core masculine shape using the key elements of our cutting philosophy. Structure, balance and precision.

3 Day Intensive Development Program

This three day course is a trilogy of the MENSPIRE fundamentals, academics and the masters course. This series of courses will invigorate the mind of anyone aiming to achieve continual professional development. From the basic fundamentals of understanding how to consult and advise with a personal approach to the academic understanding of analysing hair growth patterns through layering and graduation. Students will then move forth to a technical understanding through diagram training to further their visual interpretation of the dynamics of men’s hairdressing that will lead them to master the craft of new age barbering.


A few words from some of our students and peers.

I am very fortunate to have had an amazing career in this profession. I believe Vidal Sassoon influenced the hairdressing world and I truly believe Menspire will play a massive part in influencing the barbering/ male grooming world. They have a strong philosophy in all they do within their education programmes. Josh Lamonaca and his team are inspirational, motivational and aspirational.

Adam Sloan | CEO, MHFed

I've witnessed the menspire team in full swing and there technical ability and attention to detail is like no other. the precision and conviction they hit every haircut with is something to be admired. On top of all that some of the coolest guys I've met and made to fell at home whenever I'm around them.

Tariq Howes | The Young Feds

As an educator my goal is about inspiring others and sharing knowledge with everyone around me. I achieve this by furthering my education within my field to keep up it with latest techniques and trends. I recently had the honour of being chosen to spend the day with Josh from Menspire and being his student for the day. I was blown away by Josh himself, his journey and passion drove him to be who he is today and what a great example to young future rising barbers he is,he drives you to believe that anything is possible if u put your mind to it. On the other hand the skills Josh has, will blow your mind! The language, vocabulary, art, creativity he has and everything about how he delivers his passion in what he does is incredible. He Makes you think outside the box about mens hair. Having spent the one day with Josh has changed my perspective on how I think about mens hair now. My belief is: it doesn't matter how many years experience you have there is always room to grow and improve and by keeping yourself educated. I Would highly recommended anyone that respects barbering and the craft behind it and wants to gain more, this is your man!!

Harps Bhogal | Headmasters Artistic Team

Loved yesterday! it was very inspirational and mind blowing ! It's changed are game and moved us up a level!

Joe Cartmel | Cartmel Barbers

Hello Josh, Just giving my praise and thanks for the course I had attended earlier on in the month, your attention to detail and infectious passion has injected and inspired a new lease of life into all aspect of my hairdressing not just my gents hairdressing. The day's itself was fantastic and your and Charlie's teaching techniques are second to none within the whole hairdressing field not just the male market. Although it'd be nothing to hear it from myself you should be very proud of what you have created with your brand. Looking forward to the next round of courses

Joe Mcelhill | MOVA

Having the boys present on stage at Pro Hair Live was an absolute pleasure. Drawing in a big crowd wanting to know their secrets, their on trend and inspirational hair cuts kept the audience engaged up until the very end. Their pictures from the show look brilliant in the magazine and on the cover of the Professional Barbering section and we look forward to the work we will do with them in the future!

Gemma Talbot | Deputy Editor, Pro Barbering Magazine

Josh and the Menspire education is top notch. I've traveled all over the world to educate myself in the hair industry and I've never seen someone have the attention to detail like he does. He breaks down the bone structure and the anatomy of the head to achieve a better cut and style. To educate others on how to cut and style hair organically is just a gift that is awesome and I feel honored to have a taken the class and look forward to more in the future

Marc Republic | Styles by Marc

Bringing their high impact performances to HairClubLive's #OpenChairNight UK tours, Josh and his Menspire team are smashing it up with their approach to today's male grooming and barbering techniques, seeing them become some of the most exciting talents within the British mens hairdressing scene

Dom Lehane | HairClubLive Founder

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